About the Program

My mission is to train, engage and inspire new counselors to reach their professional goals and potential, and provide a meaningful contribution to the mental health and wellbeing of their clients. All while operating as an ethical, profitable small business.

Supervision Program

This two year private practice training program is a paid, post-graduate level internship, for Master’s level clinicians working towards their Vermont LCMHC license. Graduate school interns will be considered for an individualized internship program upon request. Trainees will leave the program with a fully functioning and independently licensed private practice, custom built for their own therapeutic life.

Training and support in my supervision practice provides a balance of focus on the front-of-house, or clinical practice, and back-of-house, or private practice management. This includes licensure and compliance, advertising, collaboration, insurance claims, billing, book keeping, and more. Supervisees learn the skills and systems for operating a private practice that is legal, ethical, efficient, sustainable, and well-run. We will cover clinical issues specific to your clients, and general to your practice. Supervisees can count on me to help them work through complex cases, or ones which are personally difficult to navigate. Whatever difficulty arises for the practitioner, personally or professionally, the supervision process is there to safely and confidentially provide guidance and process. 

As the clinical director, I provide all of the direct supervision and training, as well as providing supervised billing. My extensive training and experience includes work with individuals, children, couples, and families, as well as with businesses, community groups, and schools. I’ve worked extensively with neurodivergent and special needs populations, as well as the caregiver population. My psychoeducational work includes teaching classes in parenting education, non-violent communication, and women’ wellness. From 2008-2020 I saw clients in-person in my office in Hardwick, Vermont. When Covid arose, I closed my office and began offering Telehealth services only. You can read my complete bio and credentials on the About Kathleen page.

How it Works


In the state of Vermont, in order to be licensed, and to be able to accept insurance payments, clinicians must work under supervision for no less than two years, and complete at least 3000 hours. This happens after completing their graduate work and before they can apply for licensure. This program will cover all of the supervision requirements for licensure and prepare the Supervisee for the credentialing and insurance contracting process as well.

Supervised Billing

Supervised billing is the only way for pre-licensed clinicians to be paid through insurance companies while they are working for the two years and 3000 hours toward Vermont state licensure. Supervisors bill insurance companies on behalf of the Supervisee. Reimbursement rates follow a graduated schedule as practitioners complete their hours and gain experience. Counselor trainees are able to bill Vermont Medicaid and MVP, and are able to accept private payments directly from clients. Credit card services are available to clinicians.

Reimbursement Rates

  • Supervisee will be reimbursed at the following rates:


Supervision and Training

I provide weekly supervision, training, and billing, for a rate of $125 per week. The Supervisor and Supervisee sign a contract which either can terminate at any time for any reason. We will meet weekly by video to cover training topics and clinical cases. The Supervisee can use that time to bring up any concerns or challenges they are having, and ask for any specific guidance they need.

Building a Practice

Each counselor trainee has the opportunity to build the ideal practice for themselves in the course of the two years. In this program, you create your own work space, either in-person, or by telehealth. You generate your clientele by doing outreach and advertising, and you manage your client charts and books. You are free to decide for yourself what population you want to serve, when you schedule your clients, and what methods and approaches you want to practice. This program puts each participant in control of their practice and their future. I’m here to help by providing the guidance and support.