Our Team

Lisa Scanlon, MA

In person sessions at The Everything Space or via Telehealth

64 Main Street 
FL 3
Montpelier, VT 05602 
(802) 424-9517 

Lisa graduated from Goddard College with an MA in Counseling in 2021. She is beginning her dream private practice in Montpelier, at the Everything Space, where she is developing herself in expressive arts therapist. Lisa is an active member of Playback Theater and numerous other expressive and theater arts and leadership projects in Central Vermont that integrate with her practice well. She specializes in transitions, codependency, trauma, and PTSD.

From Lisa’s Psychology Today profile:

“What a divine and complex person you are; both stunningly unique and profoundly woven in relationship to all others. For you, I offer the healing arts, which can be playful and light-hearted while being equally capable of offering safe passage through some of the richest, or most difficult experiences in our lives. Some for which, we can be left without words. May you then instead be drawn in, danced out, courted, felt, and moved. May the song of your life be sung in chorus, and the beat of your heart danced with wild surrender.

The expressive arts practice I offer is guided by my values of trust, authenticity, creativity, and social justice. I offer brave space, attuned witness, and safe harbor for whatever bubbles up, shuts you down, burns in your belly or makes your head spin. Your pace, creative intelligence, and your body’s wisdom are centered here.

Let’s get creative and curious about what moves in your body and calls from your imagination. All parts of you are deserving of the time and practice of witness and celebration. You need not be trained in any form of the arts to benefit from their healing properties; only the courage and curiosity to place yourself in its process.”

Learn more about Lisa by visiting her site: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/lisa-scanlon-montpelier-vt/960366

Patrick Cassidy, MA

In person sessions in Montpelier, or via Telehealth

Trail Magic Counseling
41 Barre Street 
Montpelier, VT 05602 
(802) 424-9202 

Patrick graduated from Antioch in 2022 and is beginning his dream practice in Montpelier, developing himself in CBT, EMDR, and Psychedelic Assisted Therapy. He specializes in anxiety, trauma, mood disorders, and psychedelic integration counseling.

From Patrick’s Psychology Today Profile:

“My goal is to help you create the changes you want for your life. This looks different for everyone. Whether you would like to experience less anxiety, handle grief with more grace, improve relationships, or process past trauma, I want to help you get to where you are going. I strive to show up as an ally for our BIPOC and LGBTQ communities. Hablo español con fluidez. Clientes hispanohablantes son siempre muy bienvenidos. Some of my sessions are conducted on hiking trails for people who feel they would benefit from outdoor therapy. At this time I am only working with adults over 18, and only in individual therapy.

I meet with clients in my office in Montpelier, online via telehealth, and on trails for outdoor counseling. I specialize in working with anxiety and emotional disorders (depression, OCD), grief and loss, trauma and PTSD, and psychedelic integration. The main tools in my toolbox are exposure-based CBT, EMDR, mindfulness and outdoor counseling.

My process begins with a free 20 minute phone call to get a sense of your needs and assess if we are a good fit for each other. I invite you to reach out by email with any questions you may have. Asking for help can be difficult. Taking that first step to reach out can be powerful.”

Learn more about Patrick by visiting his sites:



Marni Troop, MA, MFT, MAEd.

Private Practice- Telehealth only
Randolph, VT 05060 
(802) 230-1507 

Marni graduated from Northcentral University in 2022, and is working on building her Marriage and Family Therapy practice dually in VT and CT. Specializing in family, couples, and transgender issues, Marni uses ACT and other techniques to guide her clients competently through their process. From her Psychology Today profile:

“I view the world as one, big system, consisting of many smaller, intertwining systems. Malfunctioning systems cause problems. Because you are part of those systems, what you do can actually change everything. No matter your views, identity, or culture, I’m here to work with you, family, friends, partners, kin, covens, groups, organizations, societies… to address your needs and resolve your problems.

Let me help you learn to change the world around you to increase your happiness. I know, sounds like a lofty goal. But it’s possible just by learning to change how you view your relationship to yourself and your systems. My job is to help you make that happen by offering you the skills and tools to do it.

I am as comfortable with the “traditional” as I am with any other life path. My own history is very colorful, and it’s quite possible that I’ve “been there” too. Even if I haven’t, I want to learn about your world, from your perspective, because therapy with me is all about you.”

To learn more about Marni, visit her site:


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Rebecca Lowe, MA

Rebecca will be completing her MA and beginning her private practice in Central Vermont July 2023. Rebecca brings warmth, energy, and competence to her practice, it is clear. Stay tuned for more information about Rebecca! Here’s a preview of her Psychology Today Profile:

“I am so happy you are here. Are you ready to authentically connect and explore your capacity for change? Whatever brings you to this space, be it stress, relationship concerns, hopelessness, or general feelings of unfulfillment; we will explore the root of these challenges and work together to inspire hope in your life.

I am here to offer a compassionate, objective perspective to your presenting concerns. Through a person-centered approach, I value you as the driver of your experiences and whatever direction you would like therapy to go. Together, we will utilize mindfulness and cognitive behavioral techniques to offer structure to our time together in session.

I value your time, courage, and willingness to do the work. I invite you to connect with me today and continue your journey towards change and an inspired tomorrow.”

Poa Mutino, MSW

In-person or vial telehealth

58 Barre St. 2nd Floor. Montpelier, VT

Poa is joining us this spring with a dynamic range of interests and passions. Here’s a little snippet from his intro to the group: “I’m Poa (they/he). I’m 32 (about to be 33), white, genderqueer, and neurodivergent. I have an MSW (I graduated May 2022 from the trauma-informed program at Barry University in Miami, FL) and a background in Intentional Peer Support. ” Poa is interested in launching his practice with LGBTQIA2+ Youth primarily to start.

From Poa’s Psychology Today proifile:

“I work with people of all ages, and my specialties are ages 65+ and adolescents/young adults (ages 12-35). My practice is dynamic, warm, and focused. Each session, we will make the most of your time. I see you as a whole person. I provide a judgement-free space to explore race, class, gender, sexuality, (dis)ability and your environment. If you are seeking a letter of support for gender affirming surgery, I provide that service.

I believe that self-compassion and connection to others are key to a meaningful life. I am skilled at holding space for sorrow, grief, hardship, loneliness, despair, hopelessness, rage and anger. In our sessions, I offer exploration through mindfulness, body awareness and creative expression. I work with you to find the solutions you need. www.poamutino.com

My practice is LGBTQ+ affirmative, trauma-informed, strengths-based, person-centered and rooted in disability and racial justice. I hold a BA in Social Justice and Farming, and a Masters in Social Work. Please reach out to me for a free 10-15 minute phone consultation. When we meet, we will decide together if we are a good match, and routinely re-evaluate.”

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Jillian Beayon, MA, beginning in June, 2023

Carolyn Balparda, MA. Beginning soon!